July's LJ

I'm a thingypersonface.

This is under construction again.

animal crossing, anime, anne mccaffrey, areosmith, art, batman, bed, books, cake, cartoons, chinese food, chocolate, cocoa, combat, comics, computers, cosplay, costumes, country music, cowboy bebop, danny phantom, dark chocolate, david tennant, dc, deviantart, discworld, doctor who, dogs, dominic deegan, drawing, dreaming, dreams, excel saga, fan art, fan fiction, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy fiction, fiction, fighting, firefly, foo fighters, fun, gaming, gargoyles, girl genius, good books, good omens, grammar, graphic novels, greek mythology, gunnerkrigg court, halo, hamlet, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, heroes, history, howl's moving castle, humidity, humor, ides of july, imagination, internet, isaac asimov, j k rowling, johnny cash, kevin and kell, learning, legend of zelda, libraries, long baths, long showers, lordi, macbeth, mad science, madness, magic, manga, marvel, matchbox 20, meta, misfile, mst3k, much ado about nothing, music, myself, mystery science theater 3000, narbonic, neil gaiman, ninjas, nintendo, original characters, overthinking, owls, panic at the disco, power rangers, ppc, queen, rain, raptors, reading, red vs blue, redwall, religion, roleplay, roleplaying, rvb, sarcasm, science fiction, scifi, scotland, serenity, shakespeare, shania twain, shaun of the dead, singing, sleeping, spiderman, stargate, stargate atlantis, steampunk, super dark chocolate, super smash bros brawl, superheroes, tea, terry pratchett, the fourth wall, the paper chase, the ppc, the sandman, thinking, tolkien, tomatoes, twilight princess, velociraptors, vetinari, video games, vimes, wasabi, wasabi peas, webcomics, wii, wikipedia, wikis, writing, x-men, xkcd, yellowcard, zelda